Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help aged-out foster youth overcome personal obstacles in order to achieve independence and reach their fullest potential.

Our Distinction

While lot of we do at Compassion Planet might be similar to other organizations, here are a few of our distinct traits:

  1. Our Targeted Age Group. There are dozens of outstanding organizations that serve foster youth in our region, however, there is a alarming need to address the growing aged-out population (18+). National statistic show, that 65% of aged-out foster youth who lack adult mentors will become homeless, incarcerated, addicted to drugs or involved in sex trafficking. Our goal is to help this population thrive, before needing to be rescued.

  2. Our Mentoring Ratios. We believe healthy lives are created through higher ratios of supportive, positive mentors. While 1:1 ratios are good, 20:1 ratios are great! Our goal is to provide 20-25 adult mentors, who are champions among those we serve.

  3. Our Social Enterprise Model. Without employment or a livable income, independence is unlikely. Therefore, social enterprise is a key component to help at-risk youth reach their potential. By integrating employment into our training programs, we are able to address outcome-based life skills and demonstrate how one’s whole life can affect his or her vocation. An added benefit is enterprise helps fund our mission.