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Matthew is 20 years old and has suffered from depression and PTSD as well as having Asperger’s. He hopes to overcome an abusive past and one day become a therapist so he can help others through their “tough situations.”*


Gambling, alcohol and drugs reeked havoc on Crystal’s childhood. Entering foster care at age 12, she was in 6 different foster homes by age 18. Crystal, now 20, appreciates the CP program because it has made her feel more complete, and has allowed her to “be herself.”* 


Drug addiction tore apart Adrian’s family, forcing he and his brothers into foster care. At age 18 he reached out for help, got a place of his own, and helped his brother get sober. Now age 23, Adrian says of the CP program, “people actually care about my well being... If I need help it’s only a phone call away.”*  


Aimee is 20 years old and struggles with anxiety. Through the Compassion Planet Trainee Program, she has become more confident and a little more open. Aimee shares that some of her “weaknesses are strengths now.” One day she would love to become a martial arts instructor.* 


Meagan is 20 years old. Drug and Alcohol addiction claimed the life of her father, and she is concerned it could take her mom as well. Having battled addiction herself, Meagan is dedicated to being a stable person for her 10 month old sister, and to beat the odds to be within the 5% of foster youth that receive a college degree.*

Brittany, 21

Working at Compassion Planet is teaching me to be more positive and to look on the brighter side.  I am trying to figure out how to live without being so stressed.  I have learned how to relax, take my time, and do the work right. 

Ruby, 20

I’ve had many losses in my life. With the loss of my birth family and my adoptive mother, it has caused me to close off to relationships. I’m currently working on accepting more meaningful relationships and opening up to others again. Someday I hope to mentor other youth who have similar experiences. Compassion Planet has helped my emotional growth and I look forward to building better life-skills during my time here.

Jasper, 18

After years of being misunderstood, constantly changing schools and workplaces, Compassion Planet has been an exemplary source of stability, good intentions and socialization for me.  I am continually motivated by the good ethics that those at Compassion Planet possess.

* Trainees gave permission to share this personal information.


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